New Seatbelt Sleeves 1984-1988/89 Pickups and 4Runners

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  • Replace those worn out, cracked, or even missing, plastic sleeves with new ones for your seatbelts!
  • No more struggling to find your seatbelt between the seats or getting the buckle out from underneath you!
  • Works with 1984-1988 Toyota Pickups and 1984-1989 4Runners with factory bucket seats and factory belts. May work for other years but have not had a chance to check. LET US KNOW!  The bench seat seatbelts are longer and if you were to use these for a bench seat, you will need to cut off part of the bottom for it to work.
  • Reproduced Injection-molded ABS plastic.  About 12" in length.  Has the two small holes in the side to sew the seatbelt to the sleeve, just like the originals.
  • Five colors to choose from: Grey, Tan, Maroon, Blue, and Black.
  • Please note: Some modification may be required to the sleeve if you have the "fasten belts" plug.  May need to cut the hole out for the plug. 
  • These are not specific to Toyota.  They will also work with the old Chevy and Ford trucks as well.

  • Sold individually, not in pairs.
  • Note: Will not work for 79-83 Pickups.