New Seatbelt Sleeves 1984-1988/89 Pickups and 4Runners

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  • Replace those worn out, cracked, or even missing, plastic sleeves with new ones for your seatbelts!
  • No more struggling to find your seatbelt between the seats or getting the buckle out from underneath you!
  • Works with 1984-1988 Toyota Pickups and 1984-1989 4Runners with factory bucket seats and factory belts. May work for other years but have not had a chance to check. LET US KNOW!  The bench seat seatbelts are longer and if you were to use these for a bench seat, you will need to cut off part of the bottom for it to work.
  • Injection-molded ABS plastic.  About 12" in length. 
  • Five colors to choose from: Light Grey, Tan, Maroon, Blue, and Black.
  • Please note:  Sleeves may or may not have the small holes on the sides to thread into place.  Some modification may be required to the sleeve if you have the "fasten belts" plug.  May need to cut the hole out for the plug. 
  • These are NOT specific to Toyota.  They will also work with the old Chevy and Ford trucks as well. 

  • Sold individually, not in pairs.
  • Note: Will not work for 79-83 Pickups.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to get other shades of the sleeves we have pictured.  We chose the closest colors we were able to get to best match the interiors of the Truck and 4Runner.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
J Helms
seatbelt sleeves

These fit the belt & buckle well. The length is good also. They are not as thick or as "rubbery" as the original Toyota sleeves. So with the daily flexing that the sleeves will be subjected to, I wonder about the long term durability. But as of now, I am pleased with the sleeves. A light coat of Rustolium dark brown & they are a very close match to the Toyota interior. Not exact, but close enough considering most of the sleeve is hidden between the seat & console.

Avery St. Clair
Never even knew this was a thing

I've been watching my seatbelt sleeves disintegrate for years, and regarded it as a low-priority item. But the fusebox diagram was immediate priority, and while buying that I noticed the sleeves. Bought them and installed. How very nice! My truck is better -- it wasn't hard and it didn't cost much. Hooray!

John H. (Ca.)
Recommended !!

Super happy. I cut a small slot and hole for the driver side wiring. Fantastic upgrade.

James Jay
New Seatbelt Sleeves 1984-1988/89 Pickups and 4Runners

Beyond having to use a Dremel tool to recreate a factory hole for the factory seatbelt buzzer electrical plug wire, both were a direct bolt-in to the OEM ones we replaced. The color is a fantastic match. I would buy them again. Thank you!

violet christini
Seatbelt Sleeves

Perfect fit. Looks good