Toyota Parts

    Welcome to the parts section.  Please note:
  • All used parts are sold AS-IS and all sales are final.  We try to describe the items as best we can and show any flaws in the provided pictures.
  • Please, no requests for used parts.  However, if you would like more information on a listed part, feel free to contact us.
  • Prices are based off recent "sold items" of the same on eBay.  We try to keep them a little cheaper price than eBay. 
  • All items are tested unless otherwise stated.
  •  All items are looked over for flaws.  All flaws we find are stated in item description.
  • Remember: these parts are mostly plastic and have been a victim of the elements and frequent use for around 35 years.  They are not going to be in perfect condition.
  • New parts come with a 14-day warranty starting on day it was delivered.  If you have any issues with the new item,  you must provide clear pictures and a clear description of any issues.  New items will have in their description what they are for.  If you purchase a new item (i.e. seatbelt sleeves) for something other than what it is described for in the listing, and contact us saying it will not work, we cannot refund you.