Beat the Heat & Protect Your Dash with a Sunshade

I know, I know, it's December and the temperatures are dropping in most places, so putting up a sunshade seems kind of silly. I'm guilty of not putting mine up most of the time too... but for those of you who have a 30+ year old Toyota dash, it's a good way to help protect it from the heat that radiates through the windshield and causes the dash to crack.

After hours of research to find the perfect sunshade for the Toyota community, Toyota4Low found the perfect one and had some printed up with a custom design that classic Toyota fans are bound to love. We chose a style with fabric wings that can be tucked into the corners for optimal dash coverage. They fit 1st and 2nd gen pickups and 4runners great and will probably fit in other models too, we just haven't been able to test it out in all generations.

To get your custom classic Toyota sunshade and keep the heat from destroying your dash, click here and enjoy!

~ April @ Toyota4Low

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