How We Got Started...

Toyota4Low was born out of love for classic Toyotas and wanting to help keep them around in our own little way. At first, that just meant taking photos anytime we saw one around town and posting them to our Instagram page for all to see and drool over, because let's face it, we do. 

The business side of Toyota4Low started off slowly and as a result of Chris wanting to put his 1984 pickup (image above) back to as close to original as possible, but he hit a roadblock. He wanted the Transfer Case Shifting Instruction decal for the glove box door and couldn't find it anywhere - not online, not through a dealership. It simply wasn't available. Well, Chris is not the type to just give up. That's when it clicked. If it's not out there to purchase, then we'll just have to replicate it as best we can. It just so happened that I (April) am a Graphic Designer and had the software and skills necessary to do just that. So I did!

After Chris had his brand-spanking-new transfer case decal, he asked me to recreate the fuse box cover decal. From there, it was just a matter of sharing what he had and other folks asking for copies or modified versions - and then eventually the emissions and vacuum diagram decals, and so on.

Chris learned the software and recreated the majority of decals because eventually I just couldn't keep up with requests... and if I'm being totally honest, I just didn't want to sit in front of the computer after work, when that's all I had been doing all day... ya know, because we were just doing this as a hobby after our day jobs at the beginning. Anyway, Chris was having fun with it and I didn't let him do all the work - I've done all the cutting out of decals... by hand.

So here we are now with 200+ decals in our inventory and constantly growing. This year, we decided to expand into other merchandise we thought the classic Toyota folks would enjoy and our goal is to continue to do so! So if you're reading this, thanks for taking the time to learn about our story and for being part of the classic Toyota community.

~ April @ Toyota4Low

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