For Our Friends 'Down Under'

G'day mates!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself - I love the accent and friendliness in how folks from Australia speak!

Ok - the reason for today's post - USPS First Class Package International and Priority Mail International packages to Australia have been temporarily suspended because of carrier issues relating to COVID. Those options are the most cost-friendly ways to get packages 'down under'. USPS is still shipping via Priority Mail EXPRESS International but it's ridiculously expensive. 

That said, we've modified our shipping settings so that y'all still have the option to order our cool products but only with the crazy expensive shipping option that will actually make it to you! We apologize for the insanity but this is the best we can do until USPS lifts the suspension. We intend to keep checking on it so that we can go back to normal just as soon as possible.

Hope this helps y'all understand the reason behind the shipping costs - trust me, we don't like it either!

~ April @ Toyota4Low

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