Classic Toyota Calendar Update!

Some of you may know how we went about gathering photos to make the 2022 Classic Toyota Calendar but for the benefit of those who don't, I'll give a quick summary -

Beginning in January of this year (2021), we started hosting monthly contests on our Instagram page, asking for followers to submit the best photo they had of their classic Toyota. We received hundreds of submissions over the course of 5 contests. Each month, we chose the best from that batch of submissions and those are the ones we featured in the 2022 calendar that we just SOLD OUT!

A special thank you again to all of the participants who made its production possible and everyone who bought one, making it a huge success!

We are absolutely planning to do this again and will be making a 2023 calendar - the contest will commence in January. If you don't already, follow us on Instagram (@Toyota4Low) and watch for the announcement and details after the New Year!

We're working out the details on how to make the participation guidelines more clear, as this first run was definitely a trial and error scenario. Either way, we're very excited that it was such a success and we hope that everyone who got a calendar will enjoy it as much as we will!

~ April @ Toyota4Low

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